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Halos Heaven Community Guidelines

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Who is Angela?
Who is Angela?


  • The Angels and Baseball are the topics.
  • The purpose here is to have fun.
  • If you are not having fun, come back when you are ready to have fun.


  • OPTIMISTIC? Don't bully others into cheering along.
  • PESSIMISTIC? Bitch once, then offer a solution. Don’t bitch twice, it’s alright.
  • Disagreement and intelligent critiques are welcome.
  • Criticism is NOT censorship - your opinion is always allowed, but so is everyone's opinion of your opinion.
  • There are ladies, children and even some hot chicks here on occasion, so keep it PG-13.
  • You may use the F-word once a month maximum.
  • No T&A pictures ever - No exceptions.
  • We are not a clique nor a frat - there is no hazing of new members and no seniority; please be welcoming and engaging to new members or just ignore their foibles in proud elitist silence. Your status here is based on the merit of your comments and posts.


  • No Ticket Sales
  • If you have something to advertise, buy an advertisement
  • Don't join the community to pimp goods or services


  • NO posting pictures, animated gifs, etcetera in game threads.
  • No requesting new game threads.
  • No links to pirate feeds.
  • The passionate mention of TYPICAL game situations is NOT jinxing, don't harangue people discussing game situations with the label of JINX. In fact, that is officially being more of a jinx than the initial jinxer. But if you DO jinx an Angels no-hitter by mentioning it you are banned.


  • You are obligated to use good grammar and write about interesting topics.
  • If your debut in the community is a FanPost and it sucks, you are not going to last long around here.
  • PLEASE Try to impress us. Think: A+ for Effort...
  • We offer sophisticated posting tools, so learn these tools.
  • FanPosts are deeper analysis, investigations and detailed, passionate commentary.
  • FanShots are for quick links and news with little commentary.
  • Your FanPost/FanShot Headlines MUST convey the Subject.
  • Redundant, ambiguous, boring or amateurish FanPosts get erased without warning.


  • Martyrs and Hostile posters get banned fastest.
  • Start telling us what to do.
  • Halos Heaven is like Vegas and our goodwill is like your casino chips - if you gamble away your chips you don't get them back, they're gone from the table and you're gone from the casino.
  • Make racist, misogynist or homophobic remarks. Or threaten another member with violence.