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Mike "that's a brilliant mother******* observation" Scioscia

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today I came across this video of a young(er) Mike Scioscia getting supremely perturbed at a reporter after a Dodgers game, and I've probably watched it 100 times since then. I don't know who is doing the interview, what game it is in reference to, what year it was shot...I know next to nothing about it, basically. I just know two things:

1. Mike Scioscia was not in a good mood

2. Mike Scioscia tells the reporter "that's a brilliant motherfucking observation".

I have tried listening with the sound up and/or in headphones, but for the life of me I can't understand what the reporter says to begin with. It sounds like he says something about Texas, but who knows? Whatever it was, this unleashed the scorching heat of a thousand suns coursing through Scioscia's typically-steely veins and made him drop a mother-F-bomb on an poor, unsuspecting reporter. He never knew what hit him.

The video also includes Scioscia talking about the incident again, this time in a seated position and in past-tense, so perhaps that portion is from the next game the Dodgers played. Mike wondered aloud who that reporter was, and wanted another beat guy to hang around after the question and answer session, so he could get to the bottom of who Mr. Brilliant MotherF****** Observation actually is/was(and presumably bar him from further locker room interviews). "He asked me the dumbest f****** wasn't even a question", says our esteemed skipper to another member of the press.

So what did this guy ask Scioscia? Anybody with good ears wanna take a crack at it? I don't know why I love this video so much. Perhaps it's because he's actually emotive, and fiery; so the exact opposite of how we're used to seeing him night after night in clubhouse interviews. I kind of want to hang out with this Scioscia, that is until the second part of the footage where he grills other reporters in hopes to further shame the dude... from that exchange, you really get the feeling that deep down inside of of Mike Scioscia is a typical, insecure, playground bully. Shocking? Yeah...I guess not really.

Still, coming from a guy that's seemingly slipped into auto-pilot these past few years, it's rich that he'd hold someone up to better interview question standards. I will give two whole paychecks to the first writer who, after hearing Mike Scioscia tell them they have to turn the page, replies "Mike, that's a brilliant mother******* observation!". Please?