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The Cubs nabbed Jay Hey. That's great. Now what do the Angels do?

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Reports are in that the Cubs have agreed to a deal with Jason Heyward. Hey, he has no powernevershowsupinthepostseasonspeeddeclines defensedeclineswealldieintheendwhoreallycareslifeispointless.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

So, onward and upward! The remaining options are still plenty appealin'. In fact, they're a'pealin' my hopes and dreams off the sidewalk right now. Sigh.

And then there were three...

Yoenis Cespedes: Good D, cannon for an arm, legit power, low OBP, no draft pick.

Alex Gordon: Great D, good arm, some power, some OBP, old, draft pick attached.

Justin Upton: So-so D, streaky, legit power, nice OBP, very young, draft pick attached.

What do you all think? Now that we have to settle for our second choice (or, in the case of SenorChuckles, OUR VERY BEST FIRST CHOICE WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT HEYWARD WHEN THEY COULD HAVE YO?!), what should the Angels do?