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Angels are still working to keep David Freese in Anaheim

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Zobrist will cost a lot...we're talking a BUNCH of money. The Twins don't want to let go of Trevor Plouffe. Bummer. So what about that glaring 3B hole on their current roster, then? What will the remedy be, especially after not offering a $15.8 mil per year qualifying offer to David Freese?

The Answer is "More David Freese. Only cheaper". Yes, it appears that, as many speculated, the talks between Freese and the Angels never ended after they passed on a QO. According to Jeff Passan, the Angels are "making progress" in talks to bring Freese back into the Eppler/Scioscia fold, and considering the current state of the third base market, it stands to reason that they may want to keep what they have in David Freese, as opposed to breaking the bank on the hot corner(they SHOULD break the bank on an OF, though).

I imagine that they could get Freese back on the club with a deal in the $8-10 mil/per year range, which could save some much needed dough. Otherwise, it's back to the drawing board, where Billy Eppler is going to have to either make a nifty deal with another team, like the often-discussed Martin Prado being dealt away from the Marlins.

Of course, they could also surprise us all by just sticking with Kaleb Cowart at third base. His bat is nothing to write home about, but the defense is already there...and if there's one trend we've seen out of Eppler so far, it's that he loves him some run-saving defense. Cowart as everyday 3B? Yeah...a little sketchy for me. David Freese at the bag everyday and Cowart as a backup? Sounds more like a big league GM move. But it's Winter Meetings time; anything can happen.