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Day two of Winter Meetings has Angels interested in Justin Upton

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Winter Meetings are in their second day of far flung rumors and swirling trade ideas, but the Angels front has been relatively quiet so far. The only murmurs of movement coming from Eppler & Co. is their apparent engagement in talking with Justin Upton's people, which would at least suggest that the Halos' quest to get some new talent into the outfield is in full motion.

Upton typically has played RF in his career, but also has plenty of games in LF under his belt, and it's at that position that the Angels have the most glaring hole. Yesterday, it was Yoenis Cespedes who was getting everyone worked up around these parts, but Upton would be a similarly decent fit. He's two years younger than Cespedes, and could come in at around the same price. Also, like Cespedes, he's got more power in his bat than the other highly sought after OF, Jason Heyward. It's still tough to say what the big move is going to be that either solidifies our love of Billy Eppler, or signals to us that things really haven't changed. It will most likely be an OF signing, and some writers at the Winter Meetings think it's just a matter of the Angels waiting for the first shoe to drop, thereby setting the market, and they'll go from there. Of course, there is this frightening tidbit of Arte Moreno meddling that is sure to send a chill down your spine: It's Arte's money, after all, so his blessing to spend it wouldn't be out of the ordinary, but hopefully it's really just that..."his blessing", and not a nice way of saying "his orders".