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MLB trade rumors: Angels have eyes on Pirates 2B Neil Walker

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates are apparently looking to move piece and deal away some of their 2016 chances in hopes of coming back strong for 2017 and beyond, and one of the most bandied about ideas has been them trading away 2B Neil Walker.

Today we learn that the Angels have some serious interest in Walker, at least much more so than his other suitors, such as the Mets and Dodgers. Walker has been with the Pirates organization his whole career, being converted from catcher to infield over that time, and producing a healthy .272/.338/.431 slash line in his seven years in the MLB.

The Pirates want pitching in return, and young pitching at that(I've read that they see the Kendrick-for-Heaney deal as the type of deal they're looking for). The Angels have some pitching, but the youngest arm they may be willing to trade away is 27 year old Hector Santiago.