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Halos Heaven Las Vegas Quintuple-Header This July

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Five Baseball games in Four Nights in Sin City. Our Annual Vegas Visit Now Features Actual Baseball.

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Be there July 8-11
Be there July 8-11
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UPDATE 6/18: Hello, everybody. I just wanted to get the info for this meetup out there again, since we're getting closer to the big event and maybe some people needed a reminder. Ladybug will be posting an itinerary at some point, so we'll have you covered with where to be, and when to be there. Hope to see some familiar faces, as well as meeting many of you for the first time. I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so, I'm so....scared.

We're switching up our annual July get together in Las Vegas. This year Halos Heaven will be meeting up in Sin City on the Week PRIOR TO the All-Star Game, July 8 thru 11.

The reason? The Salt Lake Bees (Angels AAA affiliate) will be in Vegas to play FIVE games against the Vegas 51s. The 51s are currently the AAA affiliate of the New York Mets. That is FIVE games in FOUR nights with current, former and future Angels players taking the field. One of those nights - Thursday July 9 - features a doubleheader AND is also Dollar Beer night. You may not want to miss any of this.

We have done these Vegas meetups many times now, the Mid-July meetup is a tradition at Halos Heaven. But with the Bees coming into town we get to see actual live baseball featuring the Halos of the Future and still carouse around Vegas. Besides all of this nonstop baseball we will have many of of our usual events - our Penny Slot Tournament, our Pinball Hall of Fame Tournament, our Downtown Scavenger Hunt, our Stick Ladybug with the Bar Tab Marathon and our KISS Miniature Golf playoff.

The big difference in 2015 is that instead of doing these events on All Star Week and seeing no live baseball, we are meeting a week earlier and getting a big fix of up-close, LIVE baseball to go with our usual mayhem!

Here is the Schedule of the Baseball games portion of the 2015 Halos Heaven Las Vegas Quintuple Header. All games are Salt Lake Bees (Angels) versus the Las Vegas 51's (Mets) at Cashman Field in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

WED JULY 8 TICKET LINK - Game Starts at 7:05 PM
Field Seats and Field Box Seats in SECTION 8 are where we will be sitting for this one.

THU JULY 9 TICKET LINK - July 9 Dollar Beer Nite Doubleheader starts at 5:05 PM
Aim for seats on the 3B side of home plate, between the plate and the Bees dugout, Plaza/Field seats in Section 9 or 10 - tickets there range from $15.50 in the Plaza section to $16.50 per seat in the Field section - with fees (and it looks like they add another buck per ticket after processing - but still that less than fifty cents per out for a doubleheader).

FRI JULY 10 TICKET LINK - Game starts at 7:05 PM.
A free giveaway of 51's Baseball Player Cards will be given out - Ya never know which AAA prospect will be a superstar and since the 51s are a Mets affiliate you can bet the NY-centric national media will hype them to hell and overvaluation, so these could be valuable.
Buy Plaza/Field seats at that link for sections 9 and 10 because that is where the action will be on Friday night.

SAT JULY 11 TICKET LINK - Another 7:05 PM start. The Halos Heaven Crew will be in the Plaza and Field seats of Sections 9 and 10 for this Saturday Night affair, and if you are a drinker (or a pack rat, hoarder or any combination thereof), you might want to be there early as the first 2,500 fans admitted into the ballpark will get a free pair of LV51's Pint Glasses.

When you buy your seats, post where you are sitting on this thread so we will know how close to or far away to be from you! Plaza and Field seats at Cashman Field are actual CHAIRS. "Reserved" seats elsewhere in the park are benches. If you are cheap and you have a good back, by all means, sit away from us. If you are cheap and have a bad back, well, you are S.O.L.

At each game we will organize and out-of-seat meetup near the seventh inning stretch, but not to sing Buttercup, oh no, just to hang out and enjoy talking in person instead of online. So if you get tickets somewhere else from the suggested section in each game below, you can still know where and when to show up and bug us.

The baseball stadium, Cashman Field, is located very close Downtown Las Vegas. The closest casino hotel near there is the world famous El Cortez. The EL-Co will be Halos Heaven Headquarters July 8 - 12!

Our reasons for picking the EL-Co over the Strip or other Downtown Hotels are both practical and aesthetic. Since you are going to get blasted at the game, consider the cheapest cab ride home - Cashman to the EL-Co is six bucks, tops. You can walk off the buzz as it is less than a half mile to the El Cortez in the warm night air of Bugsy Siegel's dreams. And Siegel once owned the EL-Co and it is the last bastion of "old Vegas" charm. The hotel also has the CABANA SUITES if you prefer Vegas Strip amenities - and the rooms there are all a great deal. The drinks in the bars there are strong and cheap and the table games have low betting limits.

Book your rooms now - LINK TO EL CORTEZ HOTEL.

If you follow those links can get four nights of baseball (five games) for under $75 per person and a GREAT hotel room for four nights for well under $200. Tell your boss you want off work from July 8 thru July 12. Get your butt to Vegas and have fun with the veterans, lurkers and newbies that make up Halos Heaven. Let's see the future of the Angels on the field while we raise hell off it this July!