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RIP Moondoggy: Angels fan, Halos Heaven legend & all around amazing person


Tough, tough news tonight for the Halos Heaven family. Long time member Moondoggy has passed away, according to a pre-written Facebook message on his own account. Not sure of other details right now, just know that he’s gone.


Most of the message sent out was towards specific friends and family, but he closed with these words:

To all my friends who believe that this life is but a precursor to some greater adventure, I'll see you on the other side. To all my atheist (rationalist...whatever) friends, a farewell. But if you're wrong I will enjoy giving a huge "I told you so."

Look at that, lol. Moondoggy with one more friendly jab for the road, ladies and gentlemen.

I met Moondoggy were most, if not all, of you guys did: right here in the halls of Halos Heaven aka comment sections. He was always one of the funnier guys here, in a self-deprecating, older brother kind of way.

I didn’t really know much about him at all for the first year or so of getting ingrained in the community here, I just knew his screen name and profile pic was associated with tough-but-fair Angels takes or trips down memory lane.

Then, Las Vegas happened. In 2011, while attending the Halos Heaven All Starweek meetup in Las Vegas, I finally met Moondoggy face to face. The guy was cool as hell, extremely nice and had a story or comment for just about everything. He was definitely more conservative than I was, a more buckled down type, but he took a liking to me and I took a liking to him.

Pretty soon, we were talking regularly, and even going to a few ballgames together. Thanks to him, I got to sit in the field box seats one time...those come with free grub at the Diamond Club, too, and that will probably be the only time I ever have that experience.

Shoot, he was even in my fantasy football league, and I spent part of last week getting crushed by his team, but losing to him was my pleasure. He was always a real sport when it came to fantasy, as he’d always be the first to make fun of his team, but he was also too competitive to just take it. Moondoggy was a winner all along.

I’m grateful that he’s in my league, though, because it means I got to talk to him for a good hour or so before this year’s draft a couple months ago. He definitely didn’t look like he was in tip top shape, but he was still the same old Moondoggy...the most unlikely friend I think I’ve ever had.

But was it really that unlikely? We were Angels fans, after all...and we were apart of HALOS HEAVEN. When I think on it more, I realize that this site and fandom is powerful; it makes us find friendships in really weird, unexpected places, with people that, if it weren’t for this site, you’d probably never think twice about.

Man, not sure what to really say here, other than I’ll miss you, Moondoggy. You were a true original. You supported me in this endeavor last year, and I’ll never forget your words of wisdom. I’ll never forget how supportive you were in all my other struggles. To your family, especially your amazing kids and grandchildren, the entire Halos Heaven community extends it’s condolences.

RIP Moondoggy. You loved the Angels, you stuck up for Mike Scioscia, you talked great trash at the Big A, and you were the epitome of everything awesome about Halos fans, and Halos Heaven.

It’s not everyday you get to be on a tshirt with a guy, but Moondoggy...sharing this pic with you will always be one of the biggest honors of my life.

Here’s the re-creation of that photo, months later and on the night of Coagula Curatorial’s grand opening. Moondoggy was always there to support, a true friend.

Let’s use this space for talking, for those that need to get out their thoughts on Moondoggy, Moondoggy stories, memories, you name it. That’s what community is for.