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With the season over, Mike Trout can finally get crazy at an Eagles game

On Sundays, while the NFL season is going and the MLB season is in it’s final weeks, you can always count on a morning tweet of “FlyEaglesFly” from Mike Trout’s account. It’s as bankable as him tweeting a handful of airplane emoji before the Halos fly to another city.

You see, Mike Trout is a hardcore Eagles fan, and that’s their longstanding mantra, although if we’re to go by results on the field, they may want to come up with something new. But that’s an argument for another day. For the first few weeks of every Eagles season, he is too busy playing his own pro sport that he can’t just relax and be a fan.

Well, the season is done, and the kid has nothing but free time, so what was he doing yesterday? He was sitting front row for the Eagles/Vikings game, being a hardcore fan of his favorite team. Hey, he’s just like US!

And no trip to see the Eagles would be complete without some crazed cheering after a win, and Mike Trout didn’t disappoint.

Maybe he’s a good luck charm for them, since they won, right? And he could perhaps have a few pointers for Carson Wentz on how to pick yourself up, and get back on the right track. Either way, it’s always cool seeing a baseball god acting like a regular dude.