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There was a double rainbow over the Big A today, and I have thoughts on what this means for the Angels

So cal has had some weird weather the past couple days. By that, I mean we’ve actually had WEATHER, full stop. Clouds, rain, thunder, lightning...pretty exciting stuff! But nothing is more exciting than the storms culminating in a gorgeous double rainbow over the Big A. THAT is a gorgeous shot:

Now, we all know that a double rainbow is a magical omen, usually a harbinger of great and wonderful news. What could this possible mean for the Angels?

I have some ideas:

  1. Arte Moreno has a phobia of rainbows, and once he sees this double rainbow over the Big A, he will fall into a terrible panic, lock himself in his Arizona panic room for a couple days, only to emerge with the singular focus of selling the Angels and ridding himself of the nightmares once and for all.
  2. This represents a World Series on the horizon, the bottom rainbow being the 2002 title and the top rainbow is the glimmer of our favorite team’s future successes.
  3. There is a magical treasure buried in the Big A somewhere, and these rainbows lead right to it...the treasure ends up being Yunel Escobar’s glove, allowing him to actually play defense in 2017.
  4. Mike Scioscia is brought to tears by the sheer beauty and magnitude of the sublime double rainbow. He sees the double rainbow while doing off-season jock inspections in the 502 section of the stadium (this is a normal late-October activity for Mike Scioscia, I hear), and immediately decides to change everything about his life, giving up baseball and focusing on his dream of following Umphrey’s McGee on tour for the rest of his days.
  5. The double rainbow from here on out acts as an imaginary force field made of all that is good and pure in this world, thus forth barring any Red Sox and Yankees fans from entering the hallowed Big A grounds.

Or, it’s just a cool little weather phenomenon, but c’mon. This is the Angels we’re talking about here! It’s gotta mean something...but what?!?!