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A reader’s dispatch from the Billy Eppler/Tim Mead Q&A is full of interesting nuggets

When the off-season is in full swing, and you’re desperately seeking Angels news to devour. sometimes you find yourself getting satiated from the most surprising of sources. In today’s example, that surprising source happens to be a Halos Heaven reader and longtime community member who, on Thursday night, just so happened to be attending a private q & a at the Big A, featuring none other than Tim Mead and Billy Eppler.

Sinatra’s Rat Pack is his name, and dishing the q & a details is his game, and Thursday night via Twitter, he sent me a bunch of cool tidbits from Billy Eppler. Here’s the lowdown from our Halos Heaven embedded operative:

Eppler said when asked about the crappy farm system, if the farm system was any good I wouldn't have been offered the job...

Eppler said the team is instituting a new pitcher arm care system, organization wide. Working on making Pitchers more athletic, while hoping to get them healthy.

No chance of Yunel Escobar playing 2b. He said Escobar doesn't want to.

Jefry Marte wont be starting LF, he will B "Rover" & play LF & move around. Eppler also said the Angels are targeting "speedy" LF, but says not allowed to say who.

He is big on minor leaguers Nate Smith and David Fletcher. Says that Jahmai Jones will be a special player and will be an all star.

On trading Trout: "I wish people would stop saying this is a realistic option; a team would have to give us 10 players + their stadium".

First off...that line about the farm system?! ZING!

New pitcher arm care system? Well, you’d hope something like this would be put in place after all the injuries they just had to deal with in 2016, but it’s still good to see them publicly implementing some new ideas.

We pretty much knew that info about Esky. Oh well.

No Marte starting in LF? Wow, I’m surprised he’s saying stuff like this so early in the off-season. But hey! MYSTERY PLAYER ALERT...Who is the “speedy” LFer?!

He’s tired of talking about trading MIke Trout. Welcome to the party, pal.

Now, all of those items together gives you a pretty nice little update as to where the front office’s head is at going into the hot stove winter. But Sinatra’s Rat Pack took it a step further, into Halos honk overdrive. He became the hero the Angels fans needed AND deserved, all with a single question:

/single tear rolls down cheek