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When I die, please bury me in this officially licensed Angels casket, ok?

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So, you’re a hardcore, die hard Angels fan and you adorn your house, your car, your office, your bathroom...literally everywhere and everything in your life...with Halos ephemera and bric-a-brac of all shapes and sizes. You are, therefore, the perfect market for an Angels casket.

Let’s face it, you MUST be that sort of off the hook fan to be in the market for this Angels coffin on Amazon. This aint no beach blanket, folks.

If any of you have bought one of these, for ya know...future use...then please get ahold me ASAP. I just want to say I personally knew someone that was buried in an Angels casket.

It’s actually kind of cool looking, to be honest. You could probably do way worse when selecting the vessel in which you plan on having an eternal dirt nap.

There are no reviews, sadly, but there’s a handy, detailed description:

Made of 18-gauge steel, the Official Los Angeles Angels casket is a perfect way to honor the life of your beloved baseball fan. This high-gloss, metallic Ebony casket has a wood veneer finish and features the Angels team colors with the Official Major League Baseball™ hologram logo on the back. Premium swing bar handles and Angels themed metal hardware complete the design. The Official Major League Baseball™ and Angels team logos adorn the 'soft-to-the-touch' velvet bedding and the Angels emblem is proudly displayed in the end-cap panel. No expense is spared in creating this beautiful tribute: the casket is completed with rounded corners, adjustable bed, locking system, interior waterproof lining, Memorial Record Cylinder and rubber gasket. Ideal for any Los Angeles Angels fan -- man, woman or young adult. The casket comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Price includes standard delivery (2-3 days). Overnight delivery available in some areas. IMPORTANT: Please call 877-491-1122 (Toll Free) prior to ordering to confirm delivery time in your area. We want to make sure we can deliver in time for your service. We deliver directly to your funeral home.

Well, at first this article was somewhat mocking the idea, but I’m legit sold on this thing.

So, the holiday season is just around the corner. I think I know what I’ll be asking Santa for.

(Shout out to user Frogface40 over at /angelsbaseball for finding this gem. )

Urn update (!!!) :

For those of you who love the idea of this casket, but have always been lukewarm on the idea of being buried in such a manner and becoming worm food, then fear not! The same company that makes this rad casket also does an Angels urn.

So, us Angels fans have dying all figured out. Now just need to work on the part between now and then, is all.

(thanks to Linda on our Facebook page for tracking down the sweet urn!)