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In the midst of celebrating a World Series win, Joe Maddon put on a very special Angels hat

Congratulations are in order for our old Angels friend, Joe Maddon. He managed a club all the way to the top of the MLB world, won that prestigious trophy and brought some much-needed pride and curse-breaking skills to the Cubs and the city of Chicago. Today, he is king of the world.

Back in 2002, when he won a title with the Angels, as one of Mike Scioscia’s bench coaches, he was king of the world, too. But with a heavy heart, considering his dad died that very same year. Cut to 2016.

For much of the World Series, Maddon had his dad’s old Angels hat, a powder blue Disney-era number, stuffed into his back pocket, for good luck. Naturally, dad was in his thoughts last night as he walked around Progressive Field, looking for someone to celebrate with or hug.

Then, when being interviewed on the field, Maddon brought the Angels cap out and put it on his head triumphantly; a nod to his pro ball roots, but even moreso, it was a way that his dad could be there with him. All through the power of a raggedy Angels ball cap. Here’s some video, thanks to reader Sinatra’s Rat Pack:

Gotta love that Joe Maddon. Pure class, and what a touching way to have the memory of his father with him at such a momentous occasion.