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Are the Angels the mystery team that put a waiver claim on Yasiel Puig?

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Los Angeles Dodgers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Is the Yasiel Puig/Dodgers era just about done? I mean, some would say that him getting demoted to AAA recently would signify as much, but today, there’s a bit more news to the story that suggests he’s not long for that Dodger blue uniform.

Puig had been on revocable trade waivers, and according to Jon Heyman, he’s been claimed! “Which team claimed, him, dude?” is probably what you’re silently thinking right now, but here’s where Heyman’s report gets even more fun: it’s a MYSTERY TEAM! (cue bells, whistles and sirens blaring)

One of the greatest joys of any MLB hot stove action, whether it’s pre-trade waivers deadline hot stove, or late-August moves or Winter meeting hot stove craziness, no trope is perhaps better at stoking imaginary fires in the hearts of fans than “mystery team”.

So, this is where we all ask ourselves: could the Angels be the Mystery Team? It’s entirely possible, although there are some caveats:

-if it were the Angels, the Dodgers would still have to come to terms with a trade and accept it. The Angels aren’t exactly rife with trade chips.

-there could be lots of teams that put a claim in on him, not just one, and a team could have just put a claim on him to block another team.

-there’s the likely chance that the Dodgers just decide to move him this winter, taking their time to field and and all offers.

Heyman seems to think that last part is the most likely outcome here, but most fans would probably welcome a claim put in for Puig. The Dodgers are quite disappointed in both his demeanor in the clubhouse, but also his 260/.320/.386 slash line in 81 games this year. Halos fans see those numbers and think “Man, I didn’t even know LFs could hit that well!”, because we’ve been conditioned over the past few years to expect next to nothing from that outfield spot.

So, who wants the Angels to be the Mystery Team? Or should they just wait til winter to do anything in LF?