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Angels sign Curt Casali to minor-league deal

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It’s not Mario Batali, but it’s a start.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Halos have made their second signing of the offseason.

The Angels have signed catcher Curt Casali to a minor-league deal, Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register reports.

Across 466 plate appearances, Casali has batted .199/.285/.385 for a .670 OPS and 85 wRC+. The backup catcher couples league-average patience with great penchance for swing-and-miss on the offensive side, but his real strength is his defensive prowess.

The 29-year old has recorded positive framing runs over the last three years, per Baseball Prospectus. Defensive runs saved, on the other hand, fluctuates. Casali had 6 DRS in 2016 but -2 DRS in 2015. He did not play enough this past year to have any meaningful data at the major league level. He has improved in throwing in recent years, though he is not particularly strong in blocking balls.

Casali adds an option capable of holding his own behind the plate at the big-league level.

The first Angels signing, Jared Hoying, was also on a minor-league deal.