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Mike Trout training like a madman is your latest reminder that baseball is back, brah

Dude, Trout is so jacked, bro.

Look at this dude...just charging hard and charging tuff, with what looks to be about 4,300 lbs (or maybe, like, 150 lbs) on his back, to the amazement of his workout buddies (ok, they’ve probably seen this a million times already). Mike Trout is a beast, and if you needed more proof that we’re about to be knee deep in some Angels baseball action, then this video should suffice.

@pdrtrainer with a special send off to #LAAspring...

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Bro. BRO!!!!!

Mike Trout is ready for spring training. Are you, bro?!?

Gotta thank everyone who rolled through and put in work this offseason!! APPRECIATE IT!!

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