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Angels players visit escape room in Tempe, risk locking Mike Trout away forever (they got out, don’t worry)

The Angels went ot an escape room tonight, probably to let loose a bit before games start this weekend. Well, it wasn’t the entire team, of course; it was Kole Calhoun, Garrett Richards, Mike Trout, Tyler Skaggs, Andrew Heaney and Alex Meyer, along with their respective wives/fiances. What better way to blow off some steam that than to get partake in a trend that’s swept the nation the last couple years.

Yes, the escape room. It’s pretty simple, really. You get locked in some room, that’s all decked out in a set design based on whatever story or theme the escape room is going with. You get clues and maybe some actors joining in, and the objective is to get out of the room. People seem to have loads of fun at these things, and the Angels posse, judging by Tyler Skaggs’ Instagram, seems to confirm that escape rooms are indeed a blast.

We escaped! #magicskull #blackbeard #thecompassisnogood

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That’s great. This team couldn’t take the hit in the WAR department if they lost this bunch. Crisis averted.