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There are too many adult Angels fans asking for autographs in this video, right?

Here is an Instagram post on the Angels’ official account that I saw yesterday:

Autograph Machine ✍️

A post shared by Los Angeles Angels (@angels) on

So, just a short video of Albert Pujols heading into a heavy autograph scrum, and signing some things for fans. Nothing special, really...except there are adults. A lot of adults. There are TOO MANY adults, no?

In my humble opinion, seeking an autograph at the ballpark is an activity for youngsters, and not adults. In this particular spring training scene, I see half a dozen or so adults, and a few kids. Too many adults, not enough kids, right?

Do adults really need to get autographs at all, let alone in one of these types of autograph frenzies?

I’m going to go ahead and emphatically say NO.

How say you? Should these adults be fighting kids for autographs? Would YOU act like one of the adults in this video? Are you ACTUALLY one of the adults in this video?