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SI’s 2017 MLB season preview issue has three different covers, but only one of them is worth buying. Guess which one!

MLB: Spring Training-Los Angeles Dodgers at Los Angeles Angels Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Opening Day is around the corner, and with it comes a flood of publications putting out special MLB season preview issues. This was seriously one of my favorite times of my childhood, as I’d fawn over all the cool covers and stories inside magazines like Sporting News and Sports Illustrated. The power of a good MLB season preview issue is not lost on my adult self, however, but nowadays I’m really just concerned with one question: Does it have Mike Trout on the cover?

These outlets are typically quick to give any and all column space, as well as the actual cover, to the teams and players that your average, east coast Joe Schmoe likes...and as you can imagine, that doesn’t often entail the Angels. I’ve gotten used to it, by now.

But that’s not accounting for the wild card, Mike Trout; the man who has the power to overcome even the harshest and most banal of all east coast bias perpetuators and ESPN lap dogs. That was why Trout’s recent AL MVP award was so huge. There are few players on this planet that can play on such a underwhelming team, on the west coast, no less, and STILL walk away with the hardware.

He’s now used this power to actually get on the cover of the 2017 MLB season preview issue of Sports Illustrated. Here’s the cover, in all it’s glory:

Now, there were also two other covers, because obviously SI can’t just pick the best player on the planet and stick with that and that alone as their cover boy. They made two other covers, and honestly, they are not good. You should just do yourself a favor, and stare at the Mike Trout cover some more. Yep, it’s beautiful.

Oh, you actually want to see the other covers? Alright, I guess.

Here’s one with Kris Bryant, of the Cubs, who is NOT Mike who car-...oh, ok, I’ll just post it already:

OK. Fine. Bryant is a fine player. Whatever.

But what about this one?

Ohhhhhh, the Red Sox!!! Ohhhh, “Killer Bs”. Give me a break. No, scratch that. GIVE ME MIKE TROUT!

So, which one of these covers is the best? The one with Mike Trout, the one with Mike Trout, or none of the above except for Mike Trout?