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Matt Shoemaker makes shoes matter as he gives away brand new kicks to 55 foster kids

“Shoes that fit and Shoemaker; meant to be, right?”

Matt Shoemaker is currently on the DL nursing a forearm strain, which has to be tough on the bearded, fan-favorite Angels starting pitcher, not being able to get out there and mow some batters down. It’s also kind of tough on us fans, too, because we don’t get the opportunity to witness magic every time The Cobber takes the hill for the Halos.

That doesn’t mean The Cobbler isn’t out there creating magic moments in other ways, however. Quite the contrary, in fact, judging by some of the pictures accompanying this article. Matt Shoemaker is so easy to root for, and even though it’s the stuff he does on the field that first made us all into Shoemaker fans, it’s the passion he has for helping out fans and giving back to the community.

That grateful and giving attitude was on full display tonight at Pechanga Resort & Casino this evening, as Shoemaker really lived up to his Cobbler nickname when he gave away brand new shoes to 55 foster kids in Riverside county.

Shoemaker gave out sneakers, provided by Shoes That Fit with funds from Pechanga Resort & Casino, and with each pair, he also gave a huge, beaming smile on their faces. These foster children most assuredly deserve this special meet and greet; it goes deeper than that, though, when you remember that school is coming up and a sweet new pair of kicks is the type of thing that will make them less self-conscious and more comfortable.

Shoemaker met each kid, then he’d give them a pair of shoes in their size, while also getting some pics in the process. You can totally tell that some of these youngsters were so stoked that they were compelled to put their new shoes on right then and there. Hey, we’ve ALL been there.

The kids, along with their foster parents, were treated to dinner at the Pechanga buffet. New shoes and all you can eat food, with Matt Shoemaker in the mix. That’s pretty much my ideal concept of heaven, you know.

So, Angels fans, don’t fret too much about Matt Shoemaker right now. He’s not close to being back on the big league club, but he’s out there doing big league acts of kindness (with the help of the hardworking and caring folks of Shoes That Fit and Pechanga Casino & Resort, of course), and that’s what really matters, right?

Shoes that Fit and the Rancho Damacitas foster care group were beneficiaries of this year’s Pechanga Charity Golf Tournament, where $100,000 is raised for 4 regional charities each year. If you would like to help provide shoes to children in need within southern California, visit the Shoes that Fit website at