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Angels yet again prove to be too much for Red Sox, take series behind stellar 3-2 win

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 3 Red Sox 2

The wheels of the Team of Destiny bus are starting to spin, and this rig seems to be getting back in motion. With a good day from the young upstart, Parker Bridwell, and a trio of Halos homers, the home team held off the invading Red Sox nation, and won a series against a 1st place team. That’s the right direction, alright. Seems like they’re getting something cooking again, doesn’t it?

Bridwell went a full 7.0 innings pitched, and he gave up just five hits in his start; out of those five hits came just two Boston runs, giving us yet another moment of cap tipping in young Parker’s honor. What a steal, what a find. The Angels needed some heroes to emerge out of nowhere, and that’s basically what we’re seeing here. Same can be said for Blake Parker. More on him in a second.

First, let’s recap the Angels’ scoring in this game: Mike Trout hit a homer. Andrelton Simmons hit a homer. Luis Valbuena hit a homer. That was easy. Well, for me, in my recounting of the runs the Halos put on the board, that is. The homers were probably not easy at all, but those guys sure do make it look that way...especially Mr. Trout and Mr. Simba. Three solo jacks to the two Red Sox runs that Bridwell let happen, and you’ve got a 3-2 affair.

That’s where Blake Parker comes into play. Perhaps the biggest and best surprise of 2017, Parker kept his scoreless innings of Big A pitching going as he blanked the Red Sox in the eighth, and set the stage for Bud Norris to get the save in the ninth. The bullpen, working in perfect concert with the day’s long man, Bridwell, and a slew of dingers is what fell the AL East beast. How about that?!

A hardnosed 3-2 win on a Sunday against the Red Sox, at the Big A, that also clinched the second straight series win against Boston and its annoying fans is one of those events that reminds us why we love to watch this team. When they click, they click. This weekend, they clicked. Go Angels.