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Mike Trout invited Mark Gubicza to the Eagles game, and I’m not jealous or anything, haha

Mark Gubicza

Two cool dudes with ‘tudes, with a day off and toolin’ around the east coast, ended up in Philadelphia for some football; it was one of those dudes who was there as a special guest, and the other was his +1. The football team was the Eagles, which means their honored guest was none other than Mike Trout. His bro for the night? Mr. Gubie Tuesday himself, Mark Gubicza.

When Mike Trout invites you to an Eagles game, you go to the damn Eagles game. Especially if you’re a Philly guy, and Mark Gubicza claims Philadelphia as Home. That’s a night he’ll not soon forget, and Gubicza has had some pretty memorable nights; that’s just how things are when you’re hangin’ with the greatest player in baseball. This is REAL livin’...Mike Trout livin’, bruh:

Mark totally has a “What should I say? Talk about my new iPhone! No, that’s stupid, he doesn’t care about phones” look on his face. Again, I can totally relate, because that’s Mike Trout right there next to him, in the v-neck. MIKE TROUT! Gubie, you’re a lucky dude.

Looks like he realizes he’s a lucky dude:

These two had a dope time, guaranteed. Of course, now a bunch of silly Philly fans we’ll start talking about how Trout will want to play there some day, and that’s dumb so they should just stop. I’m happy for Gubie and Trout and their brodeo tonight, I wish Trout would take me to football games. That’s pretty much the only way I’d ever be convinced to go to an NFL game, to be honest.