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The Long Bedrosian Implosion: Rangers escape danger & edge Angels 10-9

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In a long, long, long game, the Rangers beat the Angels and extinguish what was set to be another rad comeback.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Angels 9 Rangers 10

The Angels had begun their come back in the fifth, and then a little bit more in the seventh, and then in the eighth, they tied this game up at 9-9. Yep, it was nine runs apiece, which tells you that the game had gotten quite out of hand, but also that the Halos were doing their amazing baseball diamond magic tricks again.

Tyler Skaggs was definitely deserving of fingers pointed in his direction tonight, as he went just two innings, but gave up five hits and six runs in that small span, five of them earned. Not a whole lot was going right for Skaggs, but then again, he wouldn’t be the only pitcher who had the devil on their back tonight.

Regardless of how bad Skaggs was, and how we saw Keynan Middleton give up a few runs and a highlight reel dinger, it was Cam Bedrosian who left the crater in our souls tonight. The offense had battled back, behind such feats as a four-hit night from Albert Pujols, and some great hitting and ABs from the new dudes, Justin Upton and Brandon Phillips, and guys we’ve seen plenty, like Mike Trout and Andrelton Simmons (both had two-hits in this game).

They would get it knotted up at 9-9 in the top of the eighth, it was the Rangers’ move, and the momentum and glory was on the side of the Halos. That is, until Cam Bedrosian walked on to the mound. Cam did get two outs, lickety split, but then he walked three straight Texas batters, and also had a wild pitch that allowed the go-ahead run. I think that counts as an implosion, and I think that one is all on Mr. Bedrosian.

Hey, it rhymes! Bedrosian Implosion. It’s got a sickening ring to it. We should know, after all; we just lived through it. By the way, you just witnessed the third-longest 9 inning MLB game ever, yay? Also, the Angels matched a franchise record nine pitchers used, awesome? Also, it had a stupid, bullshit call that we’ll be talking about for awhile, I’m sure. RAGE! YAY?

So much for the new Angels. The pitching is still up to it’s old tired gimmicks while the offense is trying to do some big time magic, only to get held back from greatness. Maybe tomorrow?