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This crazy Angels season isn’t over yet, so now’s the time to grab a Team of Destiny shirt

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C’mon, Halos fans. BELIEVE!

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43 comeback wins...tied for most in MLB.

47 comeback wins is the club record (2009).

10 comeback wins when the Halos are trailing by 4+ runs (MLB-most)

15 comeback wins when the Halos are trailing by 3+ runs (MLB-most)

19 wins in the Angels’ last at-bat

9 wins when trailing after 7 innings

You’ve seen them all, many of you were on this site when these insane victories unfolded. I can’t remember a team that was this magical...and yes, frustrating...but we all realized early on, (especially Patrick89!!), that this team was something special. They were meant to win when no team in their right mind should be pulling out a victory. It’s more than’s DESTINY.

All year long, we’ve had a ton of fun with this Team of Destiny (#ToD), and now, with the Angels currently two games out of the Wild Card, and just a few weeks left of action to go, it’s time we all get real about our love for this 2017 Angels squad by displaying our Team of Destiny t-shirts wherever we go.

The Angels can do this, it’s just going to take some mojo (and Mike Trout catching fire, and pitching settling down and Justin Upton going off, and a bunch of other things, yes), and what better generator of mojo than some sweet, super high quality t-shirts?! At the very least, these will serve to commemorate all the fun, insane times we’ve had here in 2017. But ultimately, these are the shirts that we’ll need heading into the post-season.

So, my fellow HH community members, I give you the Team of Destiny 2017 t-shirt:

Again, these bad boys are very, very high quality, super soft and aren’t just some ironed-on throwaways. These are dope t-shirts, with an original design for us here at Halos Heaven, and at the very least, our silly meme will live on through them, in our closets, for the rest of our Angels-lovin’ lives.

Here’s the link again, so get one of these bad boys while you can! GO ANGELS!