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Live Chat with Ty Buttrey

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MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

At the trade deadline, the Angels made a deal to bring flame throwing Ty Buttrey to Anaheim. On the field, he made the most of his first MLB opportunity and struck out 20 batters in only 16 1/3rd innings, racking up his first 4 career saves along the way. Off the field, he’s an incredibly down to earth guy who has already shared his time in a lengthy interview with Halos Heaven.

Ty is being nice enough to join us for a live chat starting at 12:30 PM tomorrow, October 18th. He’ll hang around for about 20 minutes answering your questions and replying to your comments.

I’d like to personally thank Ty for joining us. Having a full-fledged 25-man Angels' roster member live on Halos Heaven is a big deal, and he’s made that happen.

Please ask away, make comments, or simply thank Ty for swinging by.