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Angels Final Rankings - Position Players

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The good, the bad, and the meh - Trout and Simba lead the way

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Note: These final rankings are based on the entire season and only players on the 40 man roster when the season ended are included.

These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, scribblings on Cam Bedrosian’s Five Guys wrappers, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Matt Shoemaker’s beard.


There are a few reasons that the Angels weren’t terrible in the offensive department - including career years but Mike Trout and Anderlton Simmons. They had nice boosts from Ohtani and Upton as well as Fletcher to some extent. Despite all those performances, the Angels were 12th in fWAR at 24.4 (nearly 10 of that belonging to Trout).

The Angels hit A LOT of home runs - 214 in total, putting them in 7th place in baseball. A problem though was their 20th place in OBP and AVG. It’s hard to score a lot of runs when you aren’t getting on base.