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Top Halos Heaven articles of 2018 (5-1)

Countdown of the most viewed 2018 articles

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Everywhere you look, people are reminiscing about 2018, so I thought - “why not rip off that trend and do some Halos Heaven reminiscing??” There are plenty of things we could (and may) look back on, but this two part series will focus on our most viewed articles from the past 12 months. See part one here.

Back in July, Eppler flipped backstop Martin Maldonado to the Astros for prospect Patrick Sandoval. The Angels were without a strong catcher at that point but they were going nowhere fast and Sandoval was a great return for Maldy.

The second and last post game writeup that made the top 10, included dirty slider Rougned Odor who tried to take out Andrelton Simmons. Benches cleared and Odor proved he’s once again that one of the most scummy players in MLB.

Mike Scioscia was with the Angels for a loooooooong time. Just shy of his china (or platinum) anniversary, Scioscia stuck around for 19 years, so it was no surprise to see the article highlighting his possible replacements land in the top 5.

Rick took A LOT of heat for the #2 article of the year that was only recently posted and potentially could still grab the #1 spot before the year is over. Apparently all you have to do for people to call for your head and nearly receive death threats was to suggest the Angels should flip Andrelton Simmons. Ouch. Hope those bruises heal Rick. See a few of the comments on that post below.

Our top article of the year took place almost 360 days ago when Mike Trout tweeted about the weather and the baseball world finally had something to talk about. Last off-season was a huge snooze fest so the greatest player in the game talking about the weather was big news and EVERYBODY was talking about it.

Honorable Mention #1
Our most visited page of the year wasn’t an article but it did have about 80% more views that our top article. It was a simple fanshot post about Shoehei Ohtani taking batting practice. The Tweet that was embedded in that post doesn’t even exist anymore but Ohtani mania was in full swing and for good reason - the dude has a huge bat and puts on an amazing show during BP. If you ever get the chance to watch Ohtani take BP, you need to make it happen.