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Contest Results: Predict the Angels coaches who will be looking for new jobs

Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

At the end of October, I posted a contest for you all to decide who gets canned not invited back from the Angels coaching staff. Now that we have the new coaching staff announced, I can reveal who won!

First, the contest was who can guess which coaches will be looking for new jobs. Turns out there were 8 of them total (out of 10). So the winner is the person who had the most right out of those 8.

We had 135 responses and only 24 people correctly guessed that both Paul Sorrento and Josh Paul would still have jobs. Must be a Paul thing?? So, out of those 24 people, who guessed the most of the 8 coaches on the outs?

That would be Jimatkins who guessed 7 out of the 8 correctly. The only coach he missed Eric Hinske. Pretty impressive considering how difficult the contest was. Runners up were “John”, “Greg”, “Roger Lodge”, and “nemeksgirls” who all guessed 6 out fo the 8 ousted coaches.

We had 7 voters who said ALL the coaches would be booted and I’m surprised that number wasn’t higher. Technically, they got ALL the booted coaches correct since they said everyone, but I’m docking them all 2 points for their blanket vote and for saying that Sorrento and Paul would get the axe. We also had a small handful (9 total) of people who were much more optimistic and selected only 1 or 2 of the coaches.

Jimatkins claim your prize! (Choose from one below and message me)