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Win a free trip to Spring Training to meet Alex Curry and Mike Trout

Drink body armor? Work out? You can start now!

Well here is a fun Spring Training competition as the Angels camp officially opens today. Check out this tweet by Alex Curry:

Yes that’s right Halos Heaven fans - you can win a trip to Spring Training to meeting Alex Curry (and Mike Trout). How cool would that be to met her (and I suppose him)?

Don’t drink BodyArmor? You can start now (it’s good I promise)
Don’t work out? You can start now (or at least pretend for the photo op)

Competition is stiff. And by stiff - I meant this one kid is who you currently have to beat. I’m sure there will be more entrants, but for now - this is who you have to take down HH peeps:

So get cracking! You could win a trip to Spring Training to see Alex Curry and some dude who is kinda good at baseball.