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HH Favorite Baseball Movie Round 1: Major League vs. Moneyball

Cleveland Indians v Oakland Athletics Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

The American pastime has lent itself to countless films. But which one is the consensus favorite among the HH faithful? Let’s find out.

For this exercise, I’ve set up a 16 film bracket. To determine the films and seeding, I’ve crowdsourced rankings from Rotten Tomatoes, Ranker, and the ultimate authority on everything, Stirrups. Then I’ve added a dash of my own influence to include a couple of Angels-centric titles and make a bracket that makes sense.

Let’s get to it.

Major League took Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger out of Oliver Stone’s Vietnam and dropped them onto the Cleveland Indians, a team built to lose that finds out about the dastardly setup by ownership and will itself to the post season. Bob Uecker steals scene after scene, Jobu, Willie Mays Hays, this movie has more one liners than a 1960s open mic night.

Moneyball installed Brad Pitt as Billy Beane actually trying to win baseball games but with limited funds and Jonah Hill as tools instead of a cardboard cutout. The 2002 A’s team depicted beat out our beloved Angels for the AL West crown that year with an unbelievable winning streak, future assistant GM Eric Chavez at third base, and a pitching staff the book and movie rarely mention.

Who moves on?


Which is your favorite baseball movie?

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    Major League
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