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New MLB rules hope to prevent in-game sign stealing through technology

MLB: 2019 Spring Training Media Days Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, several teams were suspected of using technology to steal signs during the 2018 season, including the Astros during the playoffs.

Well, now Tom Verducci brings us a look into the new rules meant to crack down on sign stealing.

  • Ban of all in house cameras foul pole to foul pole
  • The designated replay official is the only one allowed to have a live feed of the game
  • A Monitor will watch the replay official to make sure they don’t share signs
  • Bullpen and clubhouse cameras will be on 8 second delays
  • No monitors in tunnels, etc.
  • Each team must provide a camera audit to MLB

For the record, the Angels have never been accused of using technology to steal signs. Probably because Mike Scioscia didn’t know how to turn it on.

There is some good stuff here. Do you think it will help??