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The Tyler Skaggs No Hitter We’ll Always Remember

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

Baseball creates a second timeline in our lives. While the rhythm of the game, the sheer volume of contests can create almost a backdrop to our lives, there are moments that grab us, that will forever stay with us.

We can remember exactly where we were, who was with us, and how we felt. A highlight, an anniversary, just a mention of that game and we can relive that moment anew in our hearts.

A Nolan Ryan no hitter. The first division title. The Donnie Moore game. 2002.

We added another one on Friday night. July 12th, 2019 will always be known at the Tyler Skaggs No Hitter, a name first put forth by Rick Souddress that matches exactly how we feel.

No, Skaggs did not play. He didn’t throw a single pitch. But this was his no hitter.

I’ll always remember holding my son, nearly two years old, as he happily ate his favorite dish of pizza while Debbie Skaggs walked to the mound.

Happier and more full of love than 100 people deserve to be in one lifetime, treasuring every moment with him, I realized that Debbie felt this way as Tyler toddled around the house, snuggled in at night, and took a nap on her. The tears started to well up at that moment, and they will again in years to come as it is replayed.

I’ll always remember that huge first inning. The crack of Trout’s bat sending the first loud message of the night: we will win, and we will win for Tyler.

I’ll always remember my wife being drawn in to the last few innings. Each of us putting off bath time for our son, knowing we were watching something special. Us standing in the kitchen, watching the smallest TV in the house as the last out was made.

I’ll always remember Victor Rojas’s voice cracking, finally, as he did his post game wrap. For hours, from the pre-game voice overs, through the action on the field, and up to that moment he’d done a great job of being a pro. Of capturing the moment both on the field and in the stands. But ultimately, once the play on the field was done, the magnitude of the moment was sinking in, and he was missing his friend, his human side was on display.

There are several games I’ll always remember. I can taste the pizza in the back room of my buddy’s parlor in my hometown when Adam Kennedy’s three home run game is shown. I know exactly where I stood (section 131) as the team honored Nick Adenhart and Jered Weaver threw a gem to beat Boston.

And now there’s this. I’ll always remember the Tyler Skaggs No Hitter. The only no hitter in MLB history in which the man given credit did not pitch. Yet Tyler deserves all the credit.

RIP Tyler. And thank you Angels, for that magical moment Friday night.

We’d love to hear your stories about where you were for this game, what you did, how you felt. Let’s save it here and revisit it in the future.