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Mike Trout has fear of flying

The king of the plane emoji

Los Angeles Angels v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Mike Trout, king of the plane emoji, revealed a major bombshell on Monday afternoon. Turns out, he’s not a huge fan of flying, especially turbulence.

“I do not like turbulence,” Trout said. “I already told Maddon that if we play on Wednesday and there’s a hurricane close, we’re driving west and we’ll fly out from there.”

As it stands, the Angels are currently in Houston for a four-game series. They have a double-header on Tuesday, and then will play at 10am PT on Wednesday with the hopes of beating the hurricane to get out of Houston in time. They originally had a game scheduled for Thursday, but they made Tuesday a double-header.

Joe Maddon said he’s unsure as to which player they’ll use for the 29th roster spot for the double-header.

In addition, Trout discussed his jumps in the outfield. He said he didn’t realize his jumps were slower in the outfield this year until he saw it somewhere on Twitter. Trout said he’s made a concerted effort the last few days to work on it, saying that hearing the ball off the bat with no fans has been an adjustment.

Tonight’s lineup: