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David Fletcher is back in the starting lineup

He’s back.

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

It’s been nearly two weeks, but David Fletcher is back in the starting lineup for the Angels. He exited the game on August 30 with an ankle injury.

“It’s always wonderful,” manager Joe Maddon said to the media when asked about having Fletcher in the starting lineup. “You always prefer playing with him as opposed to without him. I’ve been watching him the last few days. He’ll be slightly guarded, he wont be 100 percent. He’s smart enough to know how to watch out for himself, particularly on turns.”

Prior to the injury, Fletcher was arguably LA’s best hitter. He was leading the American League with 45 hits at the time of his injury while posting a batting average of .313 and an on-base percentage of .377.

In the move, the Angels optioned José Quijada to the alternate training site. It’s been a rough year for Quijada, who owns a 7.36 ERA in only six appearances. He pitched last night in Colorado and gave up the game-winning grand slam to Charlie Blackmon.

Fletcher is at second base and hitting leadoff tonight for the Halos.