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Justin Upton heating up for Angels at right time

He’s heating up at the plate and so are the Angels

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

When you look at his stat lines for the season, you wouldn’t be impressed. Justin Upton has been awful in 2020, to say the least. He’s hitting .192 with an OPS of .644. He has five homers and only 16 RBI. It’s been rough.

However, over the course of the last week... he’s been their best hitter.

Going back to August 28, Upton has a slash of .429/.515/.750/1.265. He also has two homers and nine RBI. During this stretch, the Angels have gone 7-3. That’s no coincidence.

“I’m getting back to basics in the cage and working as hard as I can and starting to see some results,” Upton said to the media following Sunday’s win over the Astros.

If Angels fans have noticed a difference with Upton’s plate approach, you already know that manager Joe Maddon has noticed it too. Maddon said that he’s been “quieter” in his setup and likes the fact he’s been more centered at the plate.

“You stay in the middle of the field,” Maddon said. “That’s where he’s doing his damage. Early on it was obvious that he was pulling off the ball. When do that you get long with your swing and you get more body than hands.

“If you could put on GoPro camera and just watch what he does when he gets here, he’s really committed to getting his swing back,” Maddon said. “The guy’s got a lot of pride and class. You’re not going to find a nicer young man.”