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Halos Heaven Podcast - February 2022 #11: Kenny Rosenberg Interview

The Newly Acquired Lefty Brings “Simplicity” And “Conviction” To His Approach On The Mound As His Journey To The Majors Comes Back To Southern California

Kenny Rosenberg warming up in the bullpen with the Montgomery Biscuits (Tampa Bay Rays - AA Affiliate)
Shane Earnest - Dr. Miraculous

In this episode of the Halos Heaven Podcast, Dominick Lorenz sits down via Zoom with Angels Minor League Pitcher Kenny Rosenberg to discuss the positive progress he made during 2021 season, ideals learned over the course of his career to keep a sharp mindset and overall excitement around joining the Angels organization via the Rule 5 Draft (Minors) back in December 2021.

Topics Discussed:

  • Current feelings about the ongoing MLB Lockout - includes opinions on Universal DH, Robot Umpires and recent pitching rules during the 2021 Minor League season
  • His performance during the 2021 season with Double-A Montgomery Biscuits & Triple-A Durham Bulls
  • Rehabbing a UCL Sprain and transitioning from starter to reliever in 2021
  • What he learned during the first 5+ years of his career in the Tampa Bay Rays organization
  • Differences of utilizing pitching arsenal as a reliever in comparison to a starter
  • How being a “underdog” has made his job working towards the majors much easier mentally
  • First interactions with Angels fans on social media
  • Who on the current Angels roster he looks forward to learning from in the future
  • Overall approach to pitching and life
  • Goals for the 2022 season