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MLB prepared to miss a month of games, reports say

On deadline day, the prospect of getting a 162-game season seems bleak.

MLB Owners Meetings Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

As MLB and the players’ union appear to both be unyielding in their stances regarding the labor negotiations in Jupitar, Florida, the cancellation of regular season games might be inevitable. Per reports, MLB is steadfast in its willingness to cancel games, including the first full month of the regular season.

Last week, MLB set a Monday deadline to reach a new collective bargaining agreement in order to play the scheduled 162-game season. Today both sides have reached that deadline without a deal in place.

The lockout officially began on Dec. 2 and has extended into what should have been Spring Training. The regular season is/was scheduled to start on March 31.

Whether or not MLB intends to follow through on its threats remains to be seen.

If MLB does cancel games, it’s worth noting that even more time would have to be set aside for some type of Spring Training to allow the players to get ready for a shortened season.

It appears, as of now, that a new CBA will not be reached on the MLB self-imposed deadline day and that negotiations will need to be continued into March.