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Mike Trout calls out Rob Manfred in statement of solidarity with players

Trout took a rare public approach by letting his feelings on the lockout - and Manfred - be known.

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Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Mike Trout has spent his career avoiding conflict and staying out of the public eye when it comes to tough topics. However, that changed this morning when Trout took a rare public stance on social media against Commissioner Rob Manfred and MLB while simultaneously backing the players:

“I want to play, I love our game, but I know we need to get this CBA right.

Instead of bargaining in good faith - MLB locked us out.

Instead of negotiating a fair deal - Rob canceled games.

Players stand together. For our game, for our fans, and for every player who comes after us. We owe it to the next generation.”

Trout shared these words across several different social media platforms on the heels of Manfred canceling the first two series of the season after a new CBA agreement was not reached on Tuesday.

Though brief, this statement obviously not only serves as a condemnation of negotiating efforts by both MLB and Manfred, but also as a full showing of support for the players’ plight in negotiations and a highlight of the importance the next CBA will have on future generations.

Other Angels players have been vocal during the process, such as new pitcher Noah Syndergaard and Angels’ MLBPA representative Jared Walsh.

In an interview with The Athletic’s Sam Blum, Walsh was asked whether or not he believed the union’s willingness to wait it out for a good deal was a shared sentiment among Angels players.

Walsh believed that was the case, saying, “We want to make sure that every team is trying to win to the best of their ability and every player is getting called up to the major leagues when they deserve to be. If we can fix any of those problems, that’s really what we’re striving for. I think most of the guys are willing to be patient and understand what’s at stake.”

With the players’ unity and willingness to be patient until they receive what they believe is a fair offer, it is unclear how soon a deal for a new CBA will be reached.

With the first two series canceled, the Angels will not open the season with the scheduled six-game road trip in Oakland and Seattle. More cancellations are possible.