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Mike Trout and Carson Wentz are tight bros, dude!

Mike Trout likes the Philadelphia Eagles (and Philly sports in general, a fact that manifests itself as fear and looms in the back of every Angels fans’ mind), and he’s never really been shy about it. The Eagles, in return, always seem happy to have him, as they’ve made him guest of honor in the front row or on the field multiple times in the past couple seasons.

There is a new dimension to this funny story, which shows Trout in the same fandom light as all of his faithful followers have towards him: Quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz and Trout are best buds now, apparently, which is perfect, because they are two buff bros who are both good at sports, and now they can have some sick hang seshes together, maybe head up to the mountains to shred some fresh pow pow or go hunting?

Okay, so the hunting one is probably most realistic. And has already happened.

No Big Deal. Carson Wentz and Mike Trout hanging out yesterday in Avalon.

Posted by Sea Isle Times on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mike Trout, in a move of sheer dudeitude, gave Wentz and his whole team some Nike kicks., so sick.

Then, in yesterday’s Eagles game, we got to witness a full blown brodeo go down at the game, as Carson Wentz came to the stands and gave a TD ball to Mike Trout. Trout was seriously like “WHOA”, I’m not even kidding, bro.

Mike Trout and Carson Wentz is already the friendship that will bring peace and prosperity in 2017.