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The Angels have $6.4 million to spend on the MLB Draft

That includes $4.7 million for their first-round pick

MLB: Spring Training-Arizona Diamondbacks at Los Angeles Angels Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels’ draft bonus pool for the 2020 MLB Draft is just under $6.4 million for all of their selections, including slightly over $4.7 million for their first-round pick, 10th overall.

This year’s draft is only five rounds, down from the usual 40, which affects the bonus pool. Normally a team’s draft bonus pool is derived from the recommended slot values for each pick in the first 10 rounds. Any bonus amount over $125,000 for picks after the 10th round also count against the draft pool.

But this year, not only are there only five rounds, but the bonus pool can only be spent on players drafted. Anyone not drafted can sign as a free agent with any team, but signing bonuses for those players are limited to $20,000.

Per a March agreement between major league players and owners, draft slot values this year did not increase. They are the same as 2019 values. Had this draft been 10 rounds are more, the Angels’ total bonus pool would have been just over $7.4 million, per

The Angels only have four picks in this five-round draft because they forfeited their second-round pick for signing free agent Anthony Rendon. The first-round selection, 10th overall, has a slot value of $4,739,900.

Angels 2020 draft bonus pool

Round Pick Slot value
Round Pick Slot value
1 10 $4,739,900
3 82 $744,200
4 111 $522,600
5 141 $390,400
Totals $6,397,100

The MLB draft will begin on Wednesday at 4 p.m. PT. The two-day event will be televised by MLB Network and ESPN/ESPN2.