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Mike Trout fulfills lifelong dream of inviting Philadelphia Eagles over to his house to play football

OK, so by “house” I mean Angel Stadium and by “play football” I mean practice for an upcoming game against the Rams.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

On December 10th, two of the NFL’s best teams are going to go head-to-head for not only NFC supremacy bragging rights, but also heavy playoff implications. Those teams are the Philadelphia Eagles (currently 10-2 and atop the NFC East) and our very own Los Angeles Rams (currently 9-3 and atop the NFC West). This is a big test for both of these teams, each lead by their own young, breakout-year quarterback. The Rams have Jared Goff, and the Eagles have Carson Wentz.

You may not follow the NFL at all and maybe don’t care one bit about this marquee matchup, but if you’re an Angels fan, you probably are aware of Mike Trout’s unbridled love of the Philadelphia Eagles. Seriously, Trout thinks of the Eagles like we do the Halos, and he worships Wentz just like we worship Trout. Of course, unlike most Angels fans, Trout is actually tight bros with Carson Wentz, and when he goes to watch the Eagles play, they roll out the red green carpet for baseball’s greatest.

So it makes sense then that Trout, with his favorite team coming out west to play the Rams in the L.A. Coliseum, would do his very best to reciprocate some of that Eagles hospitality in any way he possibly can. But is there really anything that he could do for the Eagles, besides take the entire team to In-N-Out or invite Wentz to his pad for a sleepover, where they’d play PS4 all night long, and maybe do some karate in the garage?

Well, turns out the Eagles could use a place to practice their footballin’, and Trout just so happens to have a spare key to the Big A, so....

Yeah, the Eagles’ Twitter account officially thanked the Angels organization, but we all know who set this up. Mike Trout is a hardcore fan, and he had the opportunity to have his favorite (non-Angels) team in the world come to HIS field to practice and prepare for their biggest test of the 2017 season (so far), so you just know that he made some calls and got the two franchises in touch with each other. Now THAT is one hardcore fan, right there. (FYI: I’m speculating about how this all went down, and I don’t really know for sure that Trout had anything at all to do with this...but c’mon. C’MON)

I gotta admit, it’s insanely cool to witness Mike Trout geek out in the same way we all geek out towards him. Mike Trout: He’s just like us!