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Bobblehead No. 9 — Bobby Grich

A throwback for our countdown

We kicked off our countdown with Matt Shoemaker and his beautiful beard coming in at No. 10. Today, we don’t have a beard to shower with love, but we have a uniform that we can appreciate.

No. 9 — Bobby Grich

The Angels don’t have a lot of bobbleheads with players rocking the California Angels jerseys, so that’s what makes this one extra special. The Angles gave out this Bobby Grich bobblehead back in 2002.

Grich played for the California Angels from 1977 through the end of his career in 1986. While with the Angels, he was a three-time All-Star and a Silver Slugger Award winner. During his tenure, he hit 154 home runs while driving in 557 runs. He hit .269, and had an OPS of .804.

Overall, this is a very simple and clean bobblehead. The uniforms look great on it, and they did a great job with the paint to make the uniforms pop. Of course, if you’re going to have a bobblehead of Grich, you have to include that incredible mustache. I also like the addition of the eye black, too.

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Honorable mentions

No. 10 — Matt Shoemaker

No. 8 — Mike Trout — Cycle

No. 7 — Albert Pujols — 600 HR