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Team Lore

Cameron Maybin is a vindictive god

The Angels magnificent acquisition has smote Michigan’s small sample naysayers.

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Why I am a fan of the Angels (a sociological answer)

Albert Pujols becomes ninth player in MLB history to hit 600 home runs

The Machine finally reaches that huge MLB milestone, with a GRAND SLAM off of Ervin Santana.

Billy Eppler may be doing something revolutionary

The team has abandoned the fastball and is relying on its high-upside secondary offerings, and it’s working.

Quiz: Can you name the Angels’ 2002 World Series roster?

Quiz: Can you name the Angels' left fielders from 2014-2016?

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4/9/17: Standing at the Threshold

Halos Heaven court: Doug DeCinces trial begins, but it ain’t for insider trading

Rain and Reunion

Not even a winter storm can stop Halo Nation - past and present - from gearing up for 2017. Latest pictures from Tempe

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Halos Heaven nicknaming legend

Putting together the absolute worst starting rotation in Angels history

Just for fun, let’s see what the ugliest rotation in club history would look like!

Four years ago today, the Angels made the Josh Hamilton deal official, and sealed their doom

HH Halo-"Oppo"-Ly Crowd Source Project

Getting the Halos Heaven community to join in the fun of off-season creativity by creating the Chance and Community Chest cards for our custom Monopoly set.

October 19th, 2002: The day the World Series came to Anaheim

RIP Moondoggy: Angels fan, Halos Heaven legend & all around amazing person

This day in Angels post-season history: John Lackey sets Angels on course for Red Sox revenge

This day in Angels post-season history: Mike Witt and Garret Anderson are your heroes

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On this day in 1930, the Angels (PCL) had their first night game

Neat bit of history here. h/t Steven Gold

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The Glasnost Gang: When the Halos invaded Russia

This is a really, really great piece about the Angels, in the early 90's, attempting to go international. But not in the typical MLB fashion. No, they looked towards Russia.

Wally Joyner's Upper Deck payday that never was

Mike "brilliant mother****** observation" Scioscia

Happy Game Six Day!

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Did you see the Tim Salmon retired number circle on Saturday?

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Rev Halofan on National TV Wednesday Night

RuPaul had Rev's hair dyed BLUE!! Let's hope this gets picked up as a series so we can get our weekly Rev-fix! And guys..... THERE ARE NEKKID WOMEN!! There's a rave review on the show, courtesy of HuffPo "This morning, I nearly choked on my cocktail olive when the international ArtNet News headline flared across the screen, "Art-Themed Bodypainting Show Skin Wars: Fresh Paint to Feature RuPaul and Mat Gleason." The art world's Mat Gleason has a new evolution and I am not surprised. For twenty years, the punk provocateur has been needling his thorn in the torso of the Los Angeles art world. His magazine, the Coagula Art Journal, was infamous and scandalous until it slowly became respected and revered. Art critic Gleason is smart. His words are clear. Over time, as print media sank like the Titanic, Gleason stopped printing and opened a small art gallery in the backwater of Chinatown, just as the economy was tanking. With perseverance and a keen eye, the gallery, Coagula Curatorial, is now a Los Angeles powerhouse with a roster of well-reviewed heavy hitters. His schedule of events is smart, capricious and, dare I say, fun."

Mike Witt: perfect game, perfect Jeffersons cameo

Long Live the King Fish! A Tribute to Tim Salmon

A look back at the original Fish in Anaheim, who will be inducted into the Angels' Hall of Fame on Saturday.

When Weaver Met Letterman

In honor of David Letterman's final few shows before calling it a career, let's look back at when one of our favorite Halos, Jered Weaver, was on the Late Show to do the famous Top 10 list.

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Epic Fail at Angels First "Star Wars Night"

No Jedi Rally Monkey for YOU.

MLB: Angels Officially Part Dodger Blue. WTF?

The Angels were totally embarrassed on a national stage by MLB.

Angels Franchise Milestones Ahead in 2015

Some Halos are close to "inner-circle" numbers

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Please Let There Be Cron (a brief Spring Ditty)

Vladimir Guerrero Takes to Twitter!

The inside scoop from the original #27 is online.